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Temporary burial sought for ex-Venezuelan prez

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MIAMI – A judge has appointed a curator to find a neutral, temporary above-ground burial site for former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.

The judge's order Friday gives Enrique Zamora 30 days to find an appropriate mausoleum. Perez died in Miami on Dec. 25 and his final resting place is the subject of a family feud.

Perez's longtime companion insists he would never return to Venezuela as long as political foe Hugo Chavez was in power. But Perez's estranged wife says she has authority to bring the body back to Venezuela.

An August trial is set in Miami to determine who's right. Miami-Dade Judge Arthur Rothenberg previously decided it wasn't proper for Perez's remains to be kept in a mortuary refrigeration unit.

Perez was Venezuela's president from 1974-79 and 1989-93.

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